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Meet Dave Woods

Founder & CEO. Problem solver. Design thinker. Idea generator. Proud Cal Poly SLO grad. Suddenly-giddy Padres fan. Occasional karaoke star. Read a message from Dave & learn more about the people & story behind Deedub:

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I founded Deedub Studios — the predecessor to Deedub Inc. — in 2010. At the time, I had worked for years in web and graphic design, marketing, and related fields, and I saw a recurring problem that drove me absolutely crazy: silos.

No, I’m not talking about grain storage. I’m talking about the conventional wisdom that stifles us — the divisions that keep us so stuck in our own departments, skillsets, and comfort zones that we fail to see how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

Silos lead to disconnects and serious usability problems, and sadly, we see them everywhere. To name a few: Getting bounced from person to person when calling customer support. Typos and outdated information on websites. Designers and technical staff butting heads on major projects. Marketing practices that seem to live in alternative reality where the magazine, newspaper, and advertising industries haven’t skipped a beat. Building products purely from the blueprints, but not from the heart.

This isn’t the same world where Don Draper once ruled the roost. This is a world built on technology, driven by design, and ruled by honest, quality conversations and relationships.

It’s no longer OK to design something without having any working knowledge of the capabilities (and limitations) of the technology and engineering that make the design come alive. Conversely, it’s not OK to build an organization or a product that puts tech first for tech’s sake, yet treats people like a distant afterthought. It’s also not OK to be a PR or marketing firm that views design as a mere commodity, and simultaneously doesn’t understand the tech behind search and social algorithms.

That’s why I founded Deedub Inc. I wanted you to have a better alternative to the usual, old-fashioned, siloed consultancy or agency — one that is more hands-on, more collaborative with your in-house staff, digital to the core, yet solely focused on the power and the needs of real people.

The only way to achieve this is through an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. Our name for this merger is user experience (aka UX).

Most people hear that term and think strictly of apps or websites, and we design plenty of those. But to us, user experience is something far bigger. As our services page explains, UX is a process and way of thinking that we can apply to make anything, digital or non-digital, dramatically better.

Not to boast, but my background is unique and diverse. I’ve designed for digital and print. I’ve coded websites. I’ve written and edited. I’ve trained and tutored. I’ve researched. I’ve even developed comprehensive strategies for customers. And I’ve done these things in a variety of volunteer, student, in-house, freelance, and agency roles dating back to 1998.

“Wait a minute,” you’re probably thinking, “he can’t possibly do all those things himself!”

I’ve never claimed to be an expert at each of them, but over the course of my career, I have tried to get as much practice and experience in each area as possible so that I can see how those puzzle pieces fit together. I feel my areas of greatest personal strength are research, strategy, digital design, and content. But because I’ve worked in other areas as well, I have a deep respect for, and understanding of, the work of others with skills that compliment mine.

That’s why I’ve assembled a very small but growing team of trusted special partners that I can call on as needed for major projects. Admittedly, these partners aren’t involved in all projects, whereas I’m highly involved in every project. But having such a talented team at the ready is absolutely amazing, especially for potential customers like you — it’s like getting both the power of a superior agency, and the extreme craftsmanship and personal attention of a freelancer, in one convenient place.

As the Deedub team grows, I’ll be posting information on each of my partners. Until then, I encourage you to browse around the rest of the site and discover why user experience is everything.

Always feel free to contact me at 1.855.433.3382 — I’m here to help.

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