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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and preferences are incredibly important to us. Bottom line: We will never sell nor distribute your information to third parties, and you are in full control of whether or not you want to receive messages from Deedub Inc.

If you would like to learn the specifics of our privacy policy, read on:

Information collected during your visit to

Deedub Inc. does not collect any personally-identifiable information during the course of your visit to our site.

We only collect anonymous information that helps us to develop a comprehensive record of visitation statistics for our website. These statistics help us to track the effectiveness of our website user interface and content, search engine optimization, etc. The anonymous information we collect may include but is not limited to: the IP address of your computer / device, the pages viewed during your visit, the duration of your visit, and the technical capabilities of your computer / device.

Collection of your device’s IP address is completely anonymous. There is no way for us to use your IP address to collect personally-identifiable information from you, nor is there any way for us to associate your IP address with any personally-identifiable information we may already have on file.

Information collected when you contact us

All pages published to contain a Contact Us region near the bottom of the layout that includes:

  • The toll-free phone number for calling Deedub Inc.
  • A link to an email / quote request form

When you contact us by either of these methods, we may collect and record any personally identifiable info you choose to provide to us, which could include but is not limited to: your first name, your last name, your phone number(s), your fax number, your email address, and / or your physical mailing address. We collect this info strictly for the purpose of communicating with you more effectively.

Deedub Inc. will never sell or distribute your personal contact information to any third party.

The Contact Us region of our web pages also contains links to various social media pages managed by Deedub Inc., and a link to a form where you can subscribe to our email list / newsletter.

With regards to social media, your use of any social media pages maintained by Deedub Inc. is governed by the privacy policies of the respective social networks. If you have a question or concern about the privacy practices of a particular social network, please view the website of that social network for more information.

With regards to our email list, here is more information:

Information collected and used for our email list

Deedub Inc. maintains a database of email subscribers who will receive The Dubnote, the email “helpletter” of Deedub Inc. founder Dave Woods. Dubnote issues typically feature some or all of the following types of content:

  • Educational content related to the topics of strategy, design, user experience, and the services and capabilities of Deedub Inc.
  • Announcements of recently-completed customer projects
  • Announcements of major company news
  • Announcements about special events or promotions

Dave typically sends one Dubnote per week, but he reserves the right to increase or decrease that frequency at any time. In the event of a major permanent increase in email frequency, Dave will prominently warn all subscribers and give them a chance to unsubscribe.

If you are currently receiving The Dubnote, it means you are on Dave’s Dubnote mailing list for one of the following reasons:

  • You used the subscription form at to opt-in
  • You chose to subscribe when you took Deedub Inc.’s Summer 2015 online survey about event promotion and event calendar software
  • You agreed to subscribe, either verbally or in writing, after meeting Dave at a networking event
  • You are a current or past client of Deedub Inc.
  • You are a personal, professional, or college connection of Dave
  • You are an Escondido, California resident that worked closely with Dave during his volunteer efforts leading the Think Grand movement

You are free to opt-in to our email list at any time. To do so, please use our subscription form. Subscribers are only required to provide their first name and email address.

You are also free to opt-out of our mailing list at any time. To do so, the most effective method is to simply click the “Unsubscribe” link that appears prominently at the very bottom of all of issues of The Dubnote.

Deedub Inc. will never sell nor distribute our email list to any third parties.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us.