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We're a new breed of multidisciplinary consultancy.

In the beginning, we were a digital consultancy — web design, digital marketing, content strategy, etc. — and that’s still the core of our business (it is 2017, after all).

But when we realized that the innovative thinking and processes that make our web creations so successful could be used to dramatically improve almost anything, digital or non-digital, we decided to expand and diversify.

Today, you can think of us as the perfect marriage of a strategic consultancy, a design studio, and a marketing agency with the tech-savvy to excel in a modern world.

By seamlessly integrating these skills and capabilities, we’re able to impact our world and serve you in a way that more one-dimensional and old-fashioned consultancies can only dream of.

What exactly can we do for you?

Your organization’s reason for being is built around some or all of the following:

A grid showing the things that can be improved and marketed via Deedub Inc.'s consulting services - products, services, systems, processes, and causes

These things all have one critical common link: They exist to serve people.

If people don’t like them, or don’t even know about them, the consequences for your organization can be dire. Don’t let that happen.

We can help you design superior products, services, systems, or causes, and develop the modern marketing strategies they need to succeed. Our design-driven, people-first approach yields end-to-end experiences so seamless and delightful that your target audiences will fall in love and become loyal customers and supporters.

How do we do it?

We’ve broken our consulting process into three distinct phases, and we can help you in one, two, or all three of these areas:

  • Ideation
    • Idea Genesis for New Products, Services, Causes & Brands
    • Design Concepts & Prototypes
    • Strategic Planning
    • Research & Analytics
    • Feasibility & Viability Studies
    • Workshops, Trainings & Retreats
  • 2) Creation
    • Testing, Production & Launch of New Products & Services
    • Creative Direction
    • Process Design & Implementation
    • User Interface Design
    • Custom WordPress Development
    • Web & Native App Development
  • 3) Communication
    • Integrated Marketing Strategy & Brand Development
    • Content Strategy
    • Storytelling, Writing & Editing
    • Naming, Slogans & Taglines
    • Findability (SEO & Social Media)
    • Email Marketing

Some might call us a design and marketing innovation consultancy. Others might call us a user experience consultancy.

Either way, we’re confident you’ll call us your personal dream team of idea generators, strategists, architects, and storytellers for a people-first digital world.

Whatever you need us to be, we’re here to help you thrive.