Hi, I’m Dave Woods. I can help you create products, services, and experiences that people love.

Think of me as your friction fixer. I’ll help you discover reasons why your customers might feel confused, frustrated, or pained:

An angry person glares at a long, convoluted, disconnected maze.

Then we’ll transform their pains into helpful, smooth, amazing experiences:

A happy person smiles at the sight of a straight, direct, easy-to-use pathway.

The result? You’ll leapfrog competitors, forge lasting customer relationships, and your organization will thrive.

Here’s how I do it:

I’m proud to say that my work delivers results and earns rave reviews.

Here are just a few testimonials, plus success stories with work samples:

California State University San Marcos.

“While employed at CSUSM, Dave consistently produced quality, innovative work that exceeded expectations. He’s truly multidisciplinary: a polished writer and presenter, a talented designer and technologist, always focused on strategy and long-range impact. But equally important, he is a thoughtful and caring person.”
Cathy Baur, APR
Vice President, University Advancement (Retired)
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Escondido Union School District.

“Dave has a really unique and extensive skillset, and he’s full of great ideas. He didn’t just do amazing work for EUSD he also taught and empowered us to be self-sufficient. I can’t believe how much we learned about strategy, design, marketing, accessibility, and more.”
Kathy Shirley
Director of Technology and Innovation (Retired)
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California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

“Working with Dave was an incredible experience. He was thoughtful and thorough in his approach, effectively utilizing market research and industry knowledge to inform his top-quality work. He also communicated clearly, created realistic benchmarks and, after much hard work, delivered a final product that we are immensely proud of.”
Jerry Van Leeuwen
Executive Director

Think Grand.

“I moved to Escondido, knowing no one. Shortly after arriving, I found Think Grand: the movement, website, and people. I knew I wanted to be involved because its premise created a positive space to discuss the betterment of Escondido. Dave is innovative and strives to create an environment where all opinions are respected and people are valued, asking thought-provoking questions about the community we live in.”
An Escondido resident and Think Grand volunteer
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Literacy and the Law.

“Working with Dave was the wisest move we made in getting our project organized. His conscientious follow-through and attention to detail was equally matched by his amazing creativity. In addition, Dave’s warm, confident communication style was extremely effective when presenting to staff, judges, attorneys, and educators. Without reservation, I highly recommend Dave Woods.”
Fran Chadwick
Project Director and Associate Professor of Social Studies Education (Retired)

Via Palm Springs.

“I’ve worked with numerous service providers over the years, and Dave is one of the best I’ve seen in any trade or industry. Simply exceptional! The intuitive and informative web experience he created for my vacation rental business gave me immediate credibility. It sealed the deal for many prospective renters.”
Susan Karlshoej
Owner, Via Palm Springs