The Deedub Privacy Promise

Updated Wednesday, July 1, 2020 by Deedub Inc. Founder and CEO Dave Woods.

I believe that privacy is a human right, and the key to privacy is mutual understanding and consent. That’s why I’ve written this Privacy Promise in a plain-English way you can easily understand.

First, let’s define some terms:

With those terms defined, I promise that Deedub Inc.:

It’s also important to note that some provisions of both the GDPR and CCPA do not apply to Deedub Inc. because I simply do not engage in the types of activities that certain segments of these laws were intended to prevent.

Will this privacy statement be updated in the future?

Yes. This statement will be updated anytime there are changes to Deedub Inc.’s privacy practices, or whenever significant changes are made to Deedub websites (or other Deedub Inc. marketing channels) that have an impact on privacy.

In fact, I’m currently developing detailed descriptions of all the software systems I use to collect digital information, and all privacy-related facts about their use. Those descriptions will be published here very soon.

In the interim, if you have any privacy questions or requests, please contact me at or 855.433.3382.